Reverend Jennifer Shackford, CHT, Reiki Master, Spirit Communicator, Holistic Health Practioner

Jennifer has trained to be an Angel Messenger and Advanced Angel Practices by Karen Paolino Correia, LHT, Angel Messenger, Soul Coach and Author. She has also trained with Rita Berkowitz, Spirit Artist, Spirit Communicator, Spiritual Counselor and presently attends the New England  School of Metaphysics and trains under Elaine Kuzmeskus, M.S., Director and Author, for mediumship. Teresa Lally for Certification in Table Tipping and Roland Comtois for channeling.  Elizabeth Harper has been an asset spiritually and professionally. Jennifer also is enrolled at the Divine Blessings Academy for her Bachelors in Spiritual Healing and Holistic Practitioner Certification with Instructor, Rev. LaVonda Young, Ph.D. Jennifer is a Certified Psychic Medium by the American Federation of  Certified Psychic Mediums. Click here to be directed to Jennifer's Page on their website

Jennifer is affiliated with Bellesprit Magazine as a Diamond Psychic Healer.

Hi! I am Jennifer and my mission, is to connect all to their Angels, Guides and Loved Ones In Spirit for healing through love! Angels are a gift from God and are here to help us and guide us. Watch the MIRACLES in your life unfold as you invoke the Angels in your everyday life. My time connecting with Angels has been life changing. Through me, let the angels heal your life and become whole again.

I am also passionate about connecting all to Loved Ones Passed. This communication is so healing in many ways. I have seen more healing by connecting to Spirit through Table Tipping. The Love, The Soul never dies and stays with us forever!

I am also a Reiki Master, believing in the universal energy force for healing.  The Mind, Body and Soul healing benefit greatly from Reiki.

Reverend Jennifer Shackford, Advanced Angel Messenger, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotherapist.

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